Right Near The Beach, BOY!

Backyard is flooded, mosquitos are out for blood, what’s a guy to do? Hit the beach, of course.

At the Beach 1

Yo, check out my sand.At the Beach 2

Getting ready to do some serious swimmingAt the Beach 3

Testing the water. Not going in if it’s too cold, ya know?At the Beach 4

Ah. Glorious.At the Beach 5 At the Beach 6

Swimming with mommy

Go Cubs! (Part 3)

A little delayed, but here’s our adventure down to Wrigley Field after the Cubs won the World Series.

family at wrigley

He didn’t look in a single family picture we took.goat

They claim this is the goat that ended the curse. Really he just wanted our money. (he didn’t get it)fletcher signs the wall

Fletcher signing the wall.meggie signs the wall

Mommy signing the wall.derek signs the wall

Daddy signing the wall.


Photobombed!hungry at wrigley

Gotta replenish those electrolytes.the wall

The wall. You  can totally see our names, right?

Highlights from Shortsville

Two weeks ago I got to go on my first plane ride. I visited Shortsville and had all sorts of adventures.

meeting mj picture

I got to meet my cousin MJ

copper sniffing face picture

I had a doggie sniff my face

mckinley showing tummy picture

MR showed me her tummy

fun with uncle shawn picture

Uncle Shawn was fun

stare down with GG picture

I had a stare down with GG

kisses from dorothy picture

Great Grandma Dorothy gave me smooches

snuggling into leo picture

I snuggled right into Great Grandpa Fabris

cousins picture

Spent some quality time bonding with my cousins

kisses from MR picture

MR kept giving me kisses

fancy hat picture

I got to wear this great hat

chillin with grandpa picture

I cuddled with Grandpa Brown

sleepin on grandma picture

And then I was all tuckered out so I took a snooze on Grandma Brown

crazy aunt carrie picture

Oh. And I met crazy Aunt Carrie…