A Visit From Grandma & Grandpa B

Grandma & Grandpa came to visit. We celebrated Grandma’s birthday early and I ate all her cake…


Grandpa played with the fire truck with me


And we had a nice day at the beach. Went out paddle boating. I did all the pedaling.

And then we had a ghost get into the house…

Touch a Truck

Some highlights from the Touch a Truck thing…

Touch a Truck 1

Hanging out on a flatbed truckTouch a Truck 2

These things aren’t all fun and games. Put him right to work.Touch a Truck 3

Dump Truck!Touch a Truck 4

Driving a busTouch a Truck 5

It takes immense concentration to drive these big rigs.Touch a Truck 6

And then the afternoon took a turn…ended up in the back of a police car…Touch a Truck 7

But got chummy with the officer so he got let off with a warning.Touch a Truck 8

Driving a tractorTouch a Truck 9

Then we found the forklift. Which had a functional horn. And it quickly became his favorite.Touch a Truck 10

Putting out an APB.Touch a Truck 11

On the right side of the law now.Touch a Truck 12

Throwing mulch into the skid steerTouch a Truck 13

Wasn’t impressed with the helicopter because it was time for sleep.Touch a Truck 14

Getting scooped up with mommy.


Christmas in July II!

Sunday was Christmas in July. Which means SO MUCH FUN WAS HAD.

Christmas in July II 01

Decorating the treeChristmas in July II 02

Just being cute in Christmas JammiesChristmas in July II 03

Christmas Doughnut!!! Christmas in July II 04

So excited to be opening a presentChristmas in July II 05

Oh. A garbage truck.Christmas in July II 06

Not sure who is having more fun with it.Christmas in July II 07

More garbage truck fun.Christmas in July II 08

Tackle daddy!

Christmas in July II 09

Puddle splashin’ time!Christmas in July II 10

Yo, why isn’t this guy splashing?

Christmas in July II 11