Thanksgiving happened. I’m sure you noticed. Here’s some stuff.

Thanksgiving 01

Rode in style on the airplane. BYOS.Thanksgiving 02

Then fell asleep on the car ride to grandma & grandpa’s because being cute is exhausting.Thanksgiving 03

Searched for fish with GrandpaThanksgiving 04

Pet a dogThanksgiving 05

Hung out with Uncle Brandon

Went horseback riding
Thanksgiving 06

Then great grandpa had a banana speak to me. It was wise.Thanksgiving 07

Played in the “kitchen” with grandpa

Then it was time to go home. The airport is a little stuffy, so I needed to catch some sweet sweet air.

Thanksgiving 08

Then I fell asleep on the plane. Which, in spite of being bigger than the first plane we were on, offered far less leg room. Don’t fly American.Thanksgiving 09Then I put on my doggy headphones, watched some CG, and that was the end of that.

Highlights from Shortsville

Two weeks ago I got to go on my first plane ride. I visited Shortsville and had all sorts of adventures.

meeting mj picture

I got to meet my cousin MJ

copper sniffing face picture

I had a doggie sniff my face

mckinley showing tummy picture

MR showed me her tummy

fun with uncle shawn picture

Uncle Shawn was fun

stare down with GG picture

I had a stare down with GG

kisses from dorothy picture

Great Grandma Dorothy gave me smooches

snuggling into leo picture

I snuggled right into Great Grandpa Fabris

cousins picture

Spent some quality time bonding with my cousins

kisses from MR picture

MR kept giving me kisses

fancy hat picture

I got to wear this great hat

chillin with grandpa picture

I cuddled with Grandpa Brown

sleepin on grandma picture

And then I was all tuckered out so I took a snooze on Grandma Brown

crazy aunt carrie picture

Oh. And I met crazy Aunt Carrie…