Christmas Time Is Here Again

Christmas 2017 01

Got a new kitchen and had to make some pasta for breakfastChristmas 2017 02

Got a Rody Horse for bouncingChristmas 2017 03

Having a little breakfast pizzaChristmas 2017 04

Aw, heck. It’s the holidays. Having a lot of breakfast pizza.Christmas 2017 05

Sharing pizza with the Rody HorseChristmas 2017 06

So ravenous this morning…making a sandwich.Christmas 2017 07

And sharing with the Rody Horse of courseChristmas 2017 08

Being a goober in a new George sweatshirtChristmas 2017 09

Opening daddy’s presentsChristmas 2017 10

Playing with TrolleyChristmas 2017 11

Opening presents soloChristmas 2017 12

Playing with cactus friends (thanks, Kastes!)Christmas 2017 13

Sitting on the box the new sled came in (was standing. didn’t get that on “film”)Christmas 2017 14

Washing dishes. It’s not all fun and games, you know.Christmas 2017 15

Taking the sled for a spinChristmas 2017 16

Down the drivewayChristmas 2017 17

Hey. I think he likes it.Christmas 2017 18

Fletcher’s turn to pull.Christmas 2017 19

Outside fun happy super great times yayChristmas 2017 20

Chilling with momChristmas 2017 21Obligatory family photo

Christmas in July II!

Sunday was Christmas in July. Which means SO MUCH FUN WAS HAD.

Christmas in July II 01

Decorating the treeChristmas in July II 02

Just being cute in Christmas JammiesChristmas in July II 03

Christmas Doughnut!!! Christmas in July II 04

So excited to be opening a presentChristmas in July II 05

Oh. A garbage truck.Christmas in July II 06

Not sure who is having more fun with it.Christmas in July II 07

More garbage truck fun.Christmas in July II 08

Tackle daddy!

Christmas in July II 09

Puddle splashin’ time!Christmas in July II 10

Yo, why isn’t this guy splashing?

Christmas in July II 11