A Visit From Grandma & Grandpa B

Grandma & Grandpa came to visit. We celebrated Grandma’s birthday early and I ate all her cake…


Grandpa played with the fire truck with me


And we had a nice day at the beach. Went out paddle boating. I did all the pedaling.

And then we had a ghost get into the house…

Right Near The Beach, BOY!

Backyard is flooded, mosquitos are out for blood, what’s a guy to do? Hit the beach, of course.

At the Beach 1

Yo, check out my sand.At the Beach 2

Getting ready to do some serious swimmingAt the Beach 3

Testing the water. Not going in if it’s too cold, ya know?At the Beach 4

Ah. Glorious.At the Beach 5 At the Beach 6

Swimming with mommy