Typical Summer Day

First snowfall of the year means….doing all the things we usually do outside when it’s warm out…obviously.

Snow 02
Rode the green bike

Snow 03
Pulled the wagon

Snow 04
Concentration tongue

Snow 05
Rode the ATV

Snow 01
Went swinging (and down the slide – not pictured)

Snow 06
Finally, some actual snow activities. Tried to catch him throwing a snowball. And missed…

Snow 07

Snow 08

Snow 10
Then we had to shovel the back yard.

Snow 11

Snow 09
Obligatory cute face picture

Diggerland USA!

DL 01

Waiting in line with Uncle DaveDL 02

Driving the bucket dump truck or whatever with Uncle DaveDL 03

Who’s having more fun?DL 04

Family photo with 60% look at the camera rateDL 05

Merry go round made out of a truckDL 06

Scooping dirt with mamaDL 07

DL 08

Waiting in line with MitchyDL 09

Driving with MitchyDL 10

Catching ducks with Aunt JeanDL 11

Skid Steer driving is serious businessDL 12

Giant ChairDL 13 DL 14

Riding the trainDL 15 DL 16

More waiting in line with MitchyDL 17
We apparently aren’t having fun.


Christmas in July III!

It’s that time. Christmas (in July) time is here. Everybody knows there’s not a better time of year.


Started with a snug with mamaCIJ02

Then a horrible kiss attack from dadaCIJ03

Upside down! Yay!CIJ04


Opening presents is very serious businessCIJ06

Megablocks Train. #1 on the wishlist for 100 yearsCIJ07

Building a fortCIJ08

Hanging out in the fort with mamaCIJ09

All that playing and building and whatnot tires a guy out.CIJ010

Family photo!CIJ011

Ew! Kisses!CIJ012
Heeeey. Whatcha doin?