Thanksgiving happened. I’m sure you noticed. Here’s some stuff.

Thanksgiving 01

Rode in style on the airplane. BYOS.Thanksgiving 02

Then fell asleep on the car ride to grandma & grandpa’s because being cute is exhausting.Thanksgiving 03

Searched for fish with GrandpaThanksgiving 04

Pet a dogThanksgiving 05

Hung out with Uncle Brandon

Went horseback riding
Thanksgiving 06

Then great grandpa had a banana speak to me. It was wise.Thanksgiving 07

Played in the “kitchen” with grandpa

Then it was time to go home. The airport is a little stuffy, so I needed to catch some sweet sweet air.

Thanksgiving 08

Then I fell asleep on the plane. Which, in spite of being bigger than the first plane we were on, offered far less leg room. Don’t fly American.Thanksgiving 09Then I put on my doggy headphones, watched some CG, and that was the end of that.

Put Me In The Zoo

We went to the zoo last weekend. Here’s some proof.

Zoo 01 Zoo 02 Zoo 03

Hey look at the monkey!Zoo 04 Zoo 05

SelfieZoo 06Just bein’ cute.
Zoo 07 Zoo 08

An acorn peace offering from Bill.Zoo 09

Hanging out with KathleenZoo 10

Checking out animals with TracyZoo 11

Someone didn’t get the memo that we were smiling for this picture.Zoo 12

In awe of the Sea LionsZoo 13

Checking out monkeys with Tracy
Zoo 14 Zoo 15

Hi, penguin.Zoo 16

He really liked the fish.Zoo 17

Busy day. Tuckered out. Zonkadoo.