Christmas in July III!

It’s that time. Christmas (in July) time is here. Everybody knows there’s not a better time of year.


Started with a snug with mamaCIJ02

Then a horrible kiss attack from dadaCIJ03

Upside down! Yay!CIJ04


Opening presents is very serious businessCIJ06

Megablocks Train. #1 on the wishlist for 100 yearsCIJ07

Building a fortCIJ08

Hanging out in the fort with mamaCIJ09

All that playing and building and whatnot tires a guy out.CIJ010

Family photo!CIJ011

Ew! Kisses!CIJ012
Heeeey. Whatcha doin?


Christmas in July II!

Sunday was Christmas in July. Which means SO MUCH FUN WAS HAD.

Christmas in July II 01

Decorating the treeChristmas in July II 02

Just being cute in Christmas JammiesChristmas in July II 03

Christmas Doughnut!!! Christmas in July II 04

So excited to be opening a presentChristmas in July II 05

Oh. A garbage truck.Christmas in July II 06

Not sure who is having more fun with it.Christmas in July II 07

More garbage truck fun.Christmas in July II 08

Tackle daddy!

Christmas in July II 09

Puddle splashin’ time!Christmas in July II 10

Yo, why isn’t this guy splashing?

Christmas in July II 11


Christmas in July!

CIJ with Mommy Picture
Mommy and Fletcher in their Christmas Jammies

checking out presents picture

Checking out the wall of presents

sitting in front of presents picture

Just chillin’ with the presents

sitting up with mommy picture

Practicing sitting up with mommy

smiling at mommy picture

Having fun and being cute

christmas vacation picture

An important summer tradition. Christmas Vacation viewing.

kissy sandwich picture

Ew! A kissy sandwich!

family picture

Family photo

mommy and baby picture

Hanging out with mommy being cute

opening presents with mommy picture

Opening of the first present

checking out my present picture

Oh sweet! A jumper thingy!

opening presents with daddy picture

Kinda opening a second present

i got a pool picture

Someone got a pool!

checking out mommy's present picture

Checking out mommy’s present

trying out the jumper picture

Trying out the new toy