Mommy’s Birthday Adventure

Way back in the olden days (2 weeks ago) we went to Wisconsin for birthday, pumpkins, and apples. What happened next was this:

Mommy's Birthday 01

Dumb photographer cut off the L in Lake GenevaMommy's Birthday 02

Walking to the lakeMommy's Birthday 03

Just a couple of dudesMommy's Birthday 04

Someone’s really excited about thisMommy's Birthday 05

Birthday hugsMommy's Birthday 06

Ultra excited about the puddle

Mommy's Birthday 07

stompMommy's Birthday 08 Mommy's Birthday 09

Oh! I found a leaf!Mommy's Birthday 10

Helping mommy open presentsMommy's Birthday 11 Mommy's Birthday 12

Time to hunt for pumpkinsMommy's Birthday 13 Mommy's Birthday 14 Mommy's Birthday 15 Mommy's Birthday 16

Oh! Look at that one!Mommy's Birthday 17

CutersMommy's Birthday 18

Too busy gazing into each other’s eyes to look at the cameraMommy's Birthday 19

Just a boy and his pumpkinsMommy's Birthday 20

Don’t take it! It’s POISON!Mommy's Birthday 21

Picking apples with dadMommy's Birthday 22

Oh! Look at my apple bag!Mommy's Birthday 23

Obligatory family selfie in the apple treeMommy's Birthday 24

Picking apples with mommyMommy's Birthday 25

Solo missionMommy's Birthday 26

It was at that moment that the apple opened his eyes and changed the world forever.

A Visit From Grandma & Grandpa B

Grandma & Grandpa came to visit. We celebrated Grandma’s birthday early and I ate all her cake…


Grandpa played with the fire truck with me


And we had a nice day at the beach. Went out paddle boating. I did all the pedaling.

And then we had a ghost get into the house…

Grandma B’s Birthday Celebration

A little late on this, but we celebrated Grandma B’s birthday when she came to visit. Here are the highlights.

grandma and fletcher celebrating grandma's birthday

Party time.blowing out the candles picture

Grandma blowing out the candles. Fletcher looking confused? Mesmerized? Both?yum cake picture

Someone got into the's my party and i'll cry if i want to

And mommy said no. It’s my (or Grandma’s) party and I’ll cry if I want to. You would cry too if mommy told you no cake.