Touch a Truck

Some highlights from the Touch a Truck thing…

Touch a Truck 1

Hanging out on a flatbed truckTouch a Truck 2

These things aren’t all fun and games. Put him right to work.Touch a Truck 3

Dump Truck!Touch a Truck 4

Driving a busTouch a Truck 5

It takes immense concentration to drive these big rigs.Touch a Truck 6

And then the afternoon took a turn…ended up in the back of a police car…Touch a Truck 7

But got chummy with the officer so he got let off with a warning.Touch a Truck 8

Driving a tractorTouch a Truck 9

Then we found the forklift. Which had a functional horn. And it quickly became his favorite.Touch a Truck 10

Putting out an APB.Touch a Truck 11

On the right side of the law now.Touch a Truck 12

Throwing mulch into the skid steerTouch a Truck 13

Wasn’t impressed with the helicopter because it was time for sleep.Touch a Truck 14

Getting scooped up with mommy.



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