Diggerland USA!

DL 01

Waiting in line with Uncle DaveDL 02

Driving the bucket dump truck or whatever with Uncle DaveDL 03

Who’s having more fun?DL 04

Family photo with 60% look at the camera rateDL 05

Merry go round made out of a truckDL 06

Scooping dirt with mamaDL 07

DL 08

Waiting in line with MitchyDL 09

Driving with MitchyDL 10

Catching ducks with Aunt JeanDL 11

Skid Steer driving is serious businessDL 12

Giant ChairDL 13 DL 14

Riding the trainDL 15 DL 16

More waiting in line with MitchyDL 17
We apparently aren’t having fun.


Mitchy and Jackie Come to Visit

Aunt Mitchy and Aunt Jackie came to visit me this weekend! Such exciting times!

jackie feeding picture
I got fed bottles.

Eating Mitchy's Arm picture
I got fed arms.

new hat picture
They bought me a new hat.

Jackie and Fletcher picture
We just hung out and cuddled.

Mitchy and Fletcher picture

And this would have been a great picture if dad knew how to focus a camera. Way to drop the ball, dad.

Regardless, we had fun times (when I wasn’t puking). And I miss them so already. Come back any time!