The Faces of Fletcher

Thoughtful Picture
The universe is so big. We’re so small. What does it all mean?
Drummer Picture
Air Drumming Champ 2016
Homeboy Picture
Shoutout to my homeboys. Word.
Drunk Picture
Listen…listen to me. You…you’re my besht friend. No no. I mean it. You…hey everbahdy. Thish guy here…he’s the…the…yeah! He’s the besht.
Singer Picture
Fletcher stays at home and does his pretty face and in the evening he’s a singer with the band.
Enthusiatic Picture
Act waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too enthusiastic…aaaaaaand go.
Cold and Alone Picture
It’s so cold and lonely here. Please sir, may I have some more?
Serious Picture
You talkin’ to me?
Smykowski Picture
Tom Smykowski anyone? Any Office Space fans out there? No?
Hopeful Picture
I look to the future. And I hope.
Are You Done Yet Picture
Ooooooooooooook. Are we done here? I mean…really.
Yuck Picture
Oh Lydia, darling, that dress is just AWFUL.
So Mad Picture
Show me your angry face. Goooooooood. Maybe I’ll stop taking pictures now…